The Quiet Box

The Quiet Box

What to do when your child stops having nap time.

When children pass the age of taking regular naps throughout the day, many parents resort to the “Quiet Box” as a method of keeping their child busy during the time at which they used to rest. Sufficient rest is very important for growing children and many tend to get restless during rest time if they are not getting some shut-eye.

The Quiet Box is simply a box containing items for when your child needs o be entertained and engaged independently. It is helpful to have a few different boxes, even one for each day of the week, so it does not get mundane. The items placed inside are usually special items that are not played with at other times during the days – you don’t want their novelty wearing off or this may defeat the purpose entirely! After some time, switching the items in the box is a good idea so your child does not get bored.

Here are some ideas for items to put in your child’s quiet box:

1. An age appropriate book – children love to look through colourful books, particularly interactive ones with pictures and buttons for sounds

2. A colouring book, activity book or blank book for drawing with pencils or crayons

3. Shapes to put together or building blocks, or Lego – depending on their age

4. Small containers of play dough – children love to get messy and create things

5. An age appropriate jigsaw puzzle


– there are many items, both homemade and available in stores, that your child will enjoy playing with. Give them things that you think they will enjoy and that will stimulate them and work as an educational activity
– keep it simple as the child should be able to work independently
– choose items that don’t make too much noise if you are looking for some quiet time yourself
– choose items that do not create too much of a mess – you don’t want it to be too hard for the child to clean up when they are done

By Komal Qaiser