Saying no to toys

Saying no to toys – how to leave a store without buying a toy

Does every trip to the mall end in a meltdown or tantrum? Do you end up caving in and buying your child a toy to avoid the public display of family drama? Pamper your child with presence, not presents. Here are some tips on saying no to toys.

Put it on their wish list – if your child wants a toy in a toy store and on this visit, you don’t want them to get a new toy, tell them you will take a picture of it and put it on their birthday or another occasion’s wish list.

Let them know what you are going to the store for beforehand – let them know you are going to buy a birthday present for their friend or you are going to buy groceries, browse around the stores or whatever it is you’re going for. Tell them clearly that they will not buy a toy and if you’re ok with it, let them browse around the toy section. They should know what to expect on their visit to the store.

Give them a little savings account – perhaps a little wallet or savings box where they can put their pocket money or good behaviour rewards and work their way up to getting that toy for themselves.

Little helpers – ask them to do chores around the house and have them earn points for each completed task. After a certain number of points, convert their points to a toy. This will teach them to not expect everything in life to come so easily and teach them the concept of earning and patience.

By Komal Qaiser