Nursery FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the curriculum taught in English?

Yes, our curriculum is taught in English.

However, our unique Learning Triangle Curriculum (LTC) also embraces our own Exposure to Languages Programme. In this programme, children are exposed to Arabic and French languages through nursery rhymes, stories, play experiences and other activities.

What do I need to provide for my child?

Parents need to provide a healthy snack and either a hot or cold lunch for their child. These should be clearly labelled with your child’s name and classroom. We are a sweet/candy, nuts, including peanuts and fizzy drinks free nursery and request that you refrain from sending any snack/lunch containing these items.
Additionally, you also need to provide the following:

  • 2 spare set of clothes
  • Nappies, wet wipes and any creams that you use
  • Sun screen and a hat
  • An old t-shirt for art and messy activities
  • Water bottle

All of these items should be clearly labelled with your child’s name and class.

What happens if my child becomes ill while at nursery?

If a child falls ill at the nursery during the day, our Nurse will contact you to collect your child as soon as possible. If you are unavailable, we will call the emergency contact provided on your registration/medical forms.

While waiting for collection, your child will be moved to the Nurse’s room where he/she will be kept comfortable until you arrive.

If your child is unwell in the morning please keep them at home and call our Nurse or Registrar to inform them about your child’s illness. If you are not sure, you may always call our Nurse and seek her advice.

My child has been ill - when can they return to nursery?

All parents are asked to be sensitive to the risk of needlessly spreading infectious diseases and ask that a child is not brought to nursery when they are ill. Any child who is physically unwell or showing signs of illness, pain or discomfort will be sent home.
To assist in enforcing this, we apply the following exclusion policy:

Illness or Symptom Do Not Return Until At Least…
High temperature 24 hours after return to normal temperature
Unusual rash or skin complaint 24 hours after return to normal
Eye inflammation or Conjunctivitis 24 hours after start of medication and after discharge from eyes has ceased
Sever cough or sore throat 24 hours after start of medication
Impetigo 24 hours after medical treatment, sores/wounds need to be sealed and a Doctor’s note is required
Ringworm 24 hours after medical treatment – Doctor’s note required
Measles 5 days after rash appears – Doctor’s note required
Hepatitis A Doctor’s note required
Salmonella or diarrhoea or vomiting 48 hours after diarrhoea or vomiting ceased – Doctor’s note required
Chicken pox 5 days after infection and after all blisters have dried
Mumps 9 days after onset of swelling – Doctor’s note required
Rubella (German measles) 4 days after onset of rash – Doctor’s note required
Whooping Cough 5 days after start of medical treatment – Doctor’s note required.











Please inform us if your child has been ill at home, together with details of the symptoms and any medical notes. This will enable us to be on the lookout for similar symptoms in other children.

My child has allergies, what should I do?

Please remember to alert our Nurse and your child’s Educator about any food or other allergies your child has. Because of allergies, we do not allow children to share their food.

We post a list of children (including photo) with allergies in their classroom and in the Nurse’s room. Additionally, an Action Plan for each child with an allergy is made between the Nurse and parent and is approved by the nursery Doctor.

To protect the safety of children with severe peanut allergies, please note we are a peanut/nuts free nursery. We do not allow peanuts or other nuts to be sent in children’s snack/lunch boxes. If you are sending a birthday cake, birthday cupcakes or any treats for your child’s class please ensure that they are peanut/nut free.

Do you have Health, Safety and Hygiene Policies in place?

Yes we do. Our qualified and licensed Nurse is responsible for the health, safety and hygiene of the nursery. Every morning, before the children arrive, the Nurse does a safety and hygiene check both inside and outside. She also visits the classes on a daily basis to say hello to the children and to make a quick health check.

To decrease the spread of illness and germs, general housekeeping chores are part of the daily routine and toys are sanitized on a regular basis. Our professional housekeepers take care of cleaning, vacuuming and mopping after nursery hours but rugs/carpets and floors are cleaned when needed.

A sanitizing steam system is conducted every Thursday followed by thorough and deep cleaning throughout the premises.

Can children join Learning Land Nursery at any time during the year?

Your child can join Learning Land Nursery at any time during the year if a space is available in the appropriate class. If a space is not available in a particular class, you can place your child’s name on the waiting list and as soon as a place becomes available, our Registrar will inform you.

Will my child move to another class during the year?

In general, we do not move children from one class to the next, except at the end of the nursery year. Your child will stay in a class with children their own age.

Can I change the days my child attends the nursery?

Extra days can be accommodated on a temporary or permanent basis if there is a space available in your child’s class.

Do you provide transport?

Yes we do provide transportation in the Mirdif and surrounding areas.

Our transportation is outsourced to an RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) certified and authorised company. Each mini school bus has a driver and one of our assistants on board to accompany the children from home to nursery and vice versa. Parents will be requested to provide appropriate car seats should they wish to use the bus facility.

Do you accept children with special/additional needs?

We have a few children with special/additional needs in our nursery and are happy to work with you to make nursery a positive experience for your child. If necessary, we will make every reasonable effort to provide adaptations for access and inclusion to all activities undertaken within the nursery.

Sometimes special/additional needs can become apparent as a child progresses through nursery. If this happens, a meeting will be scheduled between the Director, the parent and the child’s Educator in order to look at ways to support your child and you.

If required, a special individual development programme will be put together for your child. Each term, the Educator, in partnership with the Director and the parent, will set the child’s learning goals and will identify methods to meet them through play and care routines.

How do you prepare my child for school?

Our experienced Educators will prepare your child, through the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework to develop their social, language, physical and mathematical skills, which are needed and required for ‘big school’.

Our unique curriculum exposes your child to a wide variety of experiences and activities, which encourage them to become independent decision makers and confident lifelong learners.

English Language is at the core of all our activities. Our Educators use grammatically correct spoken English in the classroom and will encourage your child to do the same.

Our experienced Educators will motivate and support your child to work independently, listen to and follow instructions, share and take turns. Your child will also be encouraged to participate in small and large group activities.

Our print and picture rich environment inspires literacy development in all children. Your child will be encouraged to identify words and signs in the environment, look at and discuss books and pictures, listen to and tell stories.

We expose children to many mathematical concepts such as big and small, full and empty as well as numbers and shapes.

Our Educators encourage children to participate in experiences and activities both indoors and outdoors that assist in the development of their big and small muscles.

We assure you that our rising 5’s, when they graduate from Learning Land Nursery, are ready for ‘big school’.

Do I need to let the nursery know if my child will be absent?

Yes. For planned absences (such as holidays), please notify the nursery in advance with a quick email, note or phone call to the Registrar. For unplanned absences (such as illness), please let us know in what way your child is unwell so we can keep an eye on contagious illness, to safeguard all children as well as our staff.

Can I come and view the nursery?

Yes, you are more than welcome to come in and have a look around. Ideally, we ask that you call us to make an appointment to visit us so that our Director is available to take you around and answer any questions you may have. On your tour you will then be given our prospectus, which has a registration form to complete and return.

How can I enrol my child at Learning Land?

The first step is to tour our nursery. Please call us on (+9714) 4542082 to schedule an appointment; tours are offered during the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. If a place is available, you can enrol your child immediately by submitting the registration, medical and signature page along with the appropriate fees.

If classes are full, we recommend placing your child’s name on our waiting list. When a space becomes available, our Registrar will inform you.