Choosing the Right Nursery

Things to Consider

Choosing the right nursery can be a time consuming and difficult task. Early Years Education plays a very important role in a child’s social, emotional and physical development. 

In Dubai, there is no central authority like OFSTED or NAEYC. Many families are unclear about the services that nurseries offer and what to look for when choosing the right nursery. You must allow plenty of time to research, visit the nurseries and compare the programmes and facilities in order to ensure you are choosing the right nursery.

A high quality early childhood education programme promotes a nurturing, stimulating and warm environment. There should be an emphasis on safe, enriched and positive learning and developmental experiences. At Learning Land Nursery we are committed to you and your child.. We provide a safe and secure environment with varied experiences and activities. Our activities are carefully planned and age appropriate to enable your to learn, explore and grow.

To help you make the right choice for your child, we have compiled a list of questions. Keep these in mind when you are visiting and choosing an early childhood education programme. They cover many aspects of nursery life and will help you to focus and compare the programme and facilities offered.

Learning & Nurturing

  1. Upon arrival at the nursery, were you and your child warmly greeted?
  2. Were you taken on a tour of the nursery and given an information pack?
  3. Is there a Settling In Programme at the nursery?
  4. Is there a visible structured programme you can see in action at the nursery?
  5. Is there a daily balance of varied activities, outdoor playtime, story time, free choice and rest time?
  6. What is the primary language of instruction at the nursery?
  7. Is the child’s learning and development documented, displayed and shared with parents?
  8. Are the teachers qualified and experienced?
  9. Are teachers trained for the age they teach?
  10. Are the staff supported with additional training?
  11. Are teachers welcoming, caring and responsive?
  12. Are positive methods used to guide behaviour?
  13. How does the nursery promote good manners and positive behaviour?
  14. Is the care of your child personalised?
  15. Are play and daily routines used as opportunities for nurturing and learning?
  16. Are learning materials and other toys safe for your child’s age?
  17. Do the learning materials and other toys offer interesting and challenging activities?
  18. Is the classroom bright, airy and welcoming?
  19. Is there natural light in the classroom?
  20. Is the furniture child sized?
  21. Is there a children’s gym or music and movement room?
  22. Is a parent information programme available?
  23. Are parents involved and encouraged to participate in events at the nursery?

Health, Safety and Hygiene

  1. Is the nursery licensed?
  2. Is the building safe, clean, and well-maintained?
  3. Are entrances secured with electronic keypads?
  4. Are there secure pick-up / drop-off procedures in place?
  5. Are meals and nap times personalised for your child’s needs?
  6. Are children supervised at all times, even when they are sleeping?
  7. How often are the toys, classrooms and the nursery cleaned?
  8. How often is pest control done?
  9. Do all staff and children wash their hands often, especially before eating and after using the bathroom or changing diapers?
  10. Do helpers / teachers wear gloves during and wash hands after diaper changes and toilets?
  11. Is there a qualified and licensed Nurse on the premises?
  12. Are all staff trained in Paediatric First Aid? CPR?
  13. Does the nursery have an emergency plan if a child is injured, sick or has an allergic reaction?
  14. Does the nursery keep medication out of reach from children?
  15. Does the nursery have first-aid kits?
  16. Does the nursery have information about who to contact in an emergency?
  17. Does the nursery practice fire drills and how often?
  18. Does the nursery have an evacuation plan in case of a fire?
  19. Is the playground regularly inspected for safety?
  20. Is the playground surrounded by a fence and sectioned into different areas?
  21. Is equipment the right size and type for the age of children who use it?


  1. Are you allowed to visit the nursery during the working day?
  2. Is there daily communication about your child’s day?
  3. Are the teachers always ready to answer your questions?
  4. Are termly assessments and ‘Parent/Teacher’ meetings held?


  1. Do you agree with the discipline practices?
  2. Do the children sound and look happy?
  3. Are children comforted when needed?
  4. Does the nursery have an open door policy?
  5. Do you think your child be happy there?

Things to look out for while on a nursery tour

  1. The staff are welcoming and sitting at the children’s level
  2. Are there plenty of examples of children’s work displayed
  3. The resources and equipment are appropriate for the age group
  4. The resources are well maintained
  5. The premises are clean, well kept and safe
  6. Is there positive interaction with staff /child and staff/staff

Choosing the right nursery for your child is the result of thorough research and knowing what to look for. Contact us for a tour at Learning Land.