Parents as Partners

Because your Child Matters

We believe that when parents and educators share the responsibility for a child’s early years, the collaboration has a positive impact on the child’s learning and development.

At Learning Land Nursery, we respect the role of you, the parents and we acknowledge you as your child’s first and foremost educators; we appreciate and understand the special role you play in your child’s life.

Below are some collaborative ways in which we aspire to create a partnership with you, the parents:

  1. We have an open door policy to ensure effective communication with you.
  2. Our team listens to you regarding your child’s capabilities and interests.
  3. We value and encourage your input and participation in nursery activities and events.
  4. We believe in sharing our knowledge and experiences about early childhood with you by conducting Parental Workshops/Sessions for you throughout the year.
  5. A Parents’ Information session is arranged at the beginning of the school year to help ease you and your child into nursery life.
  6. Two Parent/ Educator meetings are scheduled per year; one at the end of the first term and the second in the third term. If further meetings are needed, we encourage you to talk to your child’s educator directly or via the Registrar.
  7. We keep you informed about the curriculum via monthly newsletters, displays of parental information, topics and artwork and a DVD of photographs of your child at the nursery.
  8. You are also encouraged to visit and view your child’s Learning Journey, a book that celebrates your child’s achievements during their time with us.

We believe that by working in partnership with you, your child’s experience in nursery will be more enriching and rewarding. We look forward to building this trusted partnership and sharing your child’s successes during their time at Learning Land Nursery.