From Children

Alexander – Nairobi Class

“I like coming to nursery to see my friends and I like to play with cars. Omar is my best friend and we play and laugh together. I like playing in the kitchen and I can cook biscuits and cookies.”


Yaman – Nairobi Class

“I like the sand area because I like the toys and the fish. I like to go inside and play with the stars in the night in our classroom.”


Danny – Nairobi Class

“I like to play with paint and cars. I like to play in the sand area with my best friend Yaman. I like to make trains out of colourful blocks – I built this one!”


Nick – Nairobi Class

“I have lots of friends and I like to race on the bikes outside. I like coming to nursery to play with cars. When I grow up I want to be a policeman.”


Amir – Sydney Class

“I like to play with my walkie talkie in our space station.”


Jhenea – Sydney Class

“I love to play with cars with Fares. I like the sand play area because I love to build sand castles. I also love to play with blocks.”


Fares – Sydney Class

“I love nursery because I play with dinosaurs here.”


Fahad – Sydney Class

“I like to paint and play with spaceship rockets and bikes. Jhenea is my best friend.”


Abigail – Sydney Class

“My favorite thing about the nursery is painting. I like to paint a rocket ship. I like the sand area because I have sand and water at home too. I play with the kitchen in the sand area. I like to play family and stuff in the house in the outdoor area.”