Earth Hour 2018

This Earth Hour, we shone a light on the need for climate action, did you?

Earth Hour is a charitable organisation based out of Singapore with a mission to unite people to protect the planet. We wanted to join in on this global environmental movement and more importantly, we wanted to get the children involved for them to realise the importance of protecting the planet. (Here are some ideas on how you can get your child involved and teach them to love the planet)

We believe that teaching children to recycle, take care of the Earth and do their part is extremely important and the earlier you start, the earlier the habit will kick in.

We started by teaching the children to switch lights off when they don’t need them. Then we switched our lights off and gathered around in candle light to continue our discussion on the importance of switching lights off and sharing ideas on how we can take little steps to protect the earth. This was such a fun and interactive way to get the little ones involved and to show them, first hand, how everyone can make a difference by doing their part. They even held hands and danced to “We are the world”!