Your child’s first day at nursery

Your child’s first day at nursery

Although preschool becomes an enjoyable experience for most kids, chances are your child will not settle in immediately. particularly on their first day at nursery.

Stick around if you want to, try not to overdo it – your child might not be prepared to be dropped off and left alone on the first day so be ready to spend some time and linger around until they’re settled in. If your child cries and not does not seem to settle in immediately, ask the staff for advice as they would definitely have experience with such situations.

Stay calm and upbeat – most parents are anxious about their child’s first day away from them so if you’re feeling nervous this is normal. Try to act cheery, happy and confident as many children pick up on feelings. The more nervous you are, the more nervous they are likely to be.
Be reachable – ensure the nursery has your correct and updated contact details and that you are reachable in case, for any reason, they need to get in touch with you.

Remember, you are not alone – many parents at the nursery will also be anxious about their child’s first day at nursery. Remember, nursery staff are trained professionals who know what they are doing. Ask them for advice, don’t be afraid to ask questions and speak to other parents who are waiting around, to calm your nerves.
Don’t sneak away – don’t try to leave your child and do a runner. chances are this strategy will only make your little one will uncertain and afraid. Let them know why they are here and that you will be back for them.
Separation anxiety – many parents start to notice a change in the behaviiour of their child. A once very confident toddler may now be clingy and ask to sleep in your bed or want to spend all their time on your lap and this is absolutely normal as a child’s way of coping with separation anxiety.

Bring a comfort object – if the preschool allows it, send your child with their favourite teddy bear, blanket, or whatever does the trick. This will give them a sense of familiarity with in new surroundings and once they are comfortable they will probably let it go and enjoy all the other activities and toys available at the nursery.

Fight the parent guilt – some children cry for the first few weeks and it’s normal for parents to feel guilty but give it some time. Most importantly, don’t sit around worrying, most children will immediately start enjoying the new experience


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By Komal Qaiser