Parenting tips and common topics related to your little one!

With over 10 years of experience in Early Years Education, we have combined the commonly asked questions and parenting tips that we think would be of use to you. We would love to hear your opinion on the topics and parenting topics you would like us to discuss on our blog. From parenting tips to common Early Years Education topics, we aim to provide you with relevant information that is useful to you and your little one. To tell us what parenting topics you wish to see in our nursery blog, contact us at 

We will cover topics including phonetics, sensory play, dealing with toddlers, first day at nursery, how to choose a school and more. We regularly hold free workshops at our nursery in Mirdif. Parents can come in and meet professionals to gain knowledge in a range of topics. Here, we will also keep you updated on these workshops at the nursery and the points discussed at each one.

We will also interview staff and other childcare providers to ensure we receive first hand, credible information on the range of topics discussed. We have the same mission as you – ensuring your little one gets the most out of this stage in their lives. For more information or to stay updated on when a new article is posted, follow us on Facebook

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  1. Reading to your child
  2. EYFS (Curriculum) Explained
  3. Phonics Explained
  4. Dealing with Toddler Tantrums
  5. Choosing the Right Primary School
  6. Fine Motor Skills
  7. Tip for Setting House Rules
  8. Sensory Play and Learning
  9. Encouraging your Child to Eat Healthy
  10. Encouraging your Child to be Active
  11. Moving your Child from a Cot to a Bed
  12. How to Choose a Nanny
  13. Attention Seeking Behaviour in Children
  14. Introducing your child to a second language
  15. Fun Activities with your little one
  16. Developing your child’s curiosity
  17. Boosting your child’s self confidence
  18. Screen time and children
  19. The Quiet Box
  20. Car safety when traveling with children
  21. What to pack in your preschooler’s lunch box
  22. Dental care in children 
  23. Children and sleep – how much sleep should your child be getting?
  24. Your child’s first day at nursery
  25. Preparing for nursery
  26. Encouraging sibling bonding
  27. Saying no to toys
  28. Activities to develop your toddler
  29. Tips for Raising an Only Child
  30. Habits to strengthen your relationship with your child 
  31. Questions to ask your child 
  32. Teaching Your Child Good Sportsmanship
  33. Organising weekday mornings with little ones 
  34. The importance of routine for children