The benefits of water play

The benefits of water play

The benefits of water play Apart from beating the heat this summer, water play has many benefits for children of all ages. Water play is more than just splashing around - water is an important natural material that provides hours of fun and learning opportunities.

Develops motor skills

Water play gives children the opportunity to develop their fine and motor skills. Through actions such as pouring, squirting, scrubbing, stirring and squeezing, children will increase their fine motor skills as well as their hand eye coordination. By swimming, dancing, throwing objects or practicing any movement in water, they’re developing coordination. Water play can also help to improve your child’s strength and balance.

Sensory activity

By being introduced to new substances and materials, children develop sensory skills. Playing games such as trying to fish things out of water with their hands is a wonderful sensory experience.

Problem solving skills

By playing in water, children discover things such as floating and sinking and it teaches them how and why things happen. It also develops creative thinking by encouraging them to use their imagination.

Language Development

By playing with and experimenting with water, children learn so many new terms such as splash, float, sink, drenched, etc.

Maths and Science

By playing with water, children are exposed to scientific concepts such as floating and sinking. By learning things like full, half and empty they pick up maths skills. They are also able to observe and measure volumes,

Remember, you don’t have to have a pool or special equipment to get your child involved in water play. Grab some buckets, empty bottles, plastic building blocks, plastic jugs and cups and head outside with some water to start playing! Never leave your child unattended in or around water.