Baby Room (6 months +)

Baby Room (6 months +)

Baby Room (6 months +) The EYFS Curriculum recognises the importance of development from a very young age. In our Baby Room, babies as young as 6 months are nurtured and cared for by our qualified carers. In our Baby Room, you will find a warm, bright and stimulating atmosphere, designed to facilitate your baby’s growing independence and increasing mobility. Equipped with age-appropriate toys and resources, we have designed the ideal environment to stimulate your baby’s senses and allow them to explore as they extend their development both physically and mentally. Every day is an exciting new adventure for our babies with daily activities such as singing, dancing, messy play, stories, mirror play and more. Throughout the day, our babies are stimulated through their senses as they experience different sounds, sights, textures and feels. We also encourage free flow play where children are encouraged to explore the room and develop their physical and social skills. From musical instruments that they can bang, shake, rattle and roll to exploring our treasure baskets (full of different materials, textures, shapes and colours), the baby room provides many great opportunities for your little ones. In “together time”, we build social skills by singing and reading books as a group. Our babies are exposed to nature in our outdoor play areas and also spend time in our indoor gym.

Health and Safety

Our baby changing facilities are in a separate room within our Baby Unit. Deep Cleaning of the facilities, resources and toys takes place on a weekly basis and our Nurse, in our onsite clinic, ensures that strict health and hygiene practices are followed in the Baby Room and throughout the nursery at all times.


To ensure that our babies are comfortable, we work closely with you to get to know your baby and to mirror their home routine as closely as possible. We always welcome your input and we are happy to implement things that will help your child settle in. From naps to feeding times, your baby’s home routine will be integrated into our nursery day where possible.

Communication Book

To record your child’s daily activities. Every day you will receive a communication sheet with details of your child’s daily activities, meals, naps and nappy changes.

Sleep Area

Inside the Baby Room, there is a sleep area with cosy cots where our babies snuggle in for a nap at a time which suits their individual routine.

Feeding Area

Learning Journals

Our Learning Journals are a record of achievement for parents and teachers. Created by your baby’s teacher, the Learning Journal outlines your little one’s progress and includes their work, pictures of them throughout the year and special moments that we know you will always want to hold on to. This is given to you at the end of the year.

Contact Us

At approximately 14 – 16 months, children move up to our Toddler Room but this can vary depending on the child.

We pride ourselves on our partnership with parents and we work hard to ensure your family gets the most from our setting. If you would like to book a viewing or have any questions, please contact us on 04 454 2082 or We are always happy to hear from you!