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At Learning Land Nursery in Mirdif, we consider parent testimonials to be the most credible form of reviews. We have been voted the best nursery in Mirdif so read below so find out why!

We strive to ensure you and your child are fully satisfied and we actively work towards continuous improvement and enhancement. We take part in Quality Schemes, do market research and renovate our equipment and facilities so that we continue to be a Market Leader in Early Years Education. We also ensure our staff is always up to date with the latest in Early Years Education by regularly partaking in teacher training. We were delighted to be voted the best nursery in Mirdif and with qualified teachers, a stimulating indoor and outdoor environment, strict health and safety policies and happy children and parents, we aim to be the best nursery in Mirdif and Dubai every year!

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Abdullah had an amazing year full of happiness and positive nurturing learning environment. As parents, we couldn’t ask for more from a nursery. We were indeed lucky that Abdullah attended his pre-school at the Learning Land Nursery. The Teachers had been very wonderful with the kids as well as with us as parents; the one thing I liked the most about them they were always open for feedback and suggestions. They are indeed fabulous teachers; Abdullah had a great loving relationship with them

Nermeen Elhansi

Saying goodbye after spending a large portion of Tala’s life with learning land very difficult for me and her. I don’t know if there are other ways to make this transition easier.

Some children make it clear that they will miss their teacher. Others go on as if it is no big deal, or even irrelevant.

But with Tala things are different; she adored the whole team of this school but inside her little heart special adored part for Miss Bianca, Ms, Aysah, and Ms, Mona.

Ms. Bianca was a wonderful role model for my little girl. This gentle teacher inspired not only because of her love of learning, but also her mannerisms and fashion sense, I don’t know how Tala will accept that fact that you won’t be with her next year!

Ms, Aysah, and Ms, Mona. Played special roles with Tala as well . They managed all her needs, tasks and relationships with the rest of the children, they were giving me big hand raising my baby 

Ms. Anna also adorable, helpful person.

Ms. Sheery the gorgeous teacher I wished Tala could be in your class next year, but not all what we wish happens ☹

I can’t forget also Ms. Fruzena the previous Director I adore her and wish her wish good luck!

Tala learns not just the ABCs of reading, but also the ABCs of tolerating, bearing and moving beyond difficult emotions.

I just wish that you remember Tala same way she remembers her school every day , whenever we pass from Shorooq she says mommy please take this way I want to go to My school.

I thank you all for your outstanding manners and outstanding care; I have no words to explain how sad I am that I won’t see you every morning from now on but happy that your special way of teaching my Tala will be with her for the rest of her life.

I love you all

Yassar Alnunu

The dedication and hard work of the teachers and assistants are impressive.It never ceases to amaze me how much my 3 year old has learned over the year and a half of his time in the nursery. Today as he moves on to a Primary school he is practicing the song “It’s good bye now,time to go, hope you had a good time,we did too” and he looks very sad to leave.A big Thank you for nurturing our treasure!

Sneha and Prem Nair

As new environment, my daughter has settled down very well and quickly in the warm and friendly environment of the Learning Land Nursery. She has gained so much in areas such as creativity, knowledge and enquiry about the world around, being more sociable and communicative so that she made some very good friends. Thank you!

Ruxandra Vladica

We are very happy with Learning Land Nursery. Hannah has enjoyed school so much. She is quite shy and finds new places and people, very difficult to adjust to. However, she adjusted to Learning Land Nursery very quickly. She is very comfortable with her teachers and has made lots of new friends at school.

Hannah has really loved creating new pieces of work in class and has been keen to show off her new artwork. Her drawing has vastly improved and it has been fun to see the change.

She is happy to participate in different activities such as music and movement and language activities. She often dances and sings the songs, in English and Arabic, which she has learned at school. Her language in English and Arabic has really improved.

We have really enjoyed the special events such as: National day, Mothers day and International day.

We really appreciate the love and care she has received from the teachers, teaching assistant and other staff. She was very happy and has grown in confidence.

Thank you so much

Karou Martin