A Dedicated Educational Team

At Learning Land Nursery, our teaching staff (known as Educators) are nurturing and compassionate. Most importantly, we are committed to you and your child.

Our teachers partner with you to have positive impact on your child’s learning and development. Each teacher gets to know the children in their class. Your child is then provided with an educational experience that is based on their individual needs. Our qualified teachers go through regular training as part of our mission to continuously improve our service offerings. All of our teachers are knowledgeable in the curriculum offered.

Sherrie Maddock Educator

I am Sherrie and I have been with Learning Land Nursery since its inception. I did my Early Childhood training in Perth, Australia. I believe that children have an immense amount of potential within them which is waiting to be tapped into and nurtured. My hope as an Educator is to help each child to discover their gifts and abilities, to give them the tools to channel these and show them that they can use what they have to make a difference. Every child has the potential to become a great person. I believe that our role as Educators is powerful and there is a great weight of responsibility on our shoulders- we are touching the future!

Bianca Lotze Educator

My name is Bianca and I am qualified in Early Years Education. I have lived in Dubai for almost five years. I have worked with children in Dubai and South Africa for about twelve years. My passion is Personal Social and Emotional Development; I love teaching social skills through circle time. It gives me great joy and happiness working with, and educating, children and I am very proud to be a part of Learning Land Nursery.


Richelle Tokyo Teacher

Richelle Ramos Educator

My name is Richelle. I am an Early Childhood Educator. I have a Bachelor of Science Major in Psychology Degree and a License in Teaching in the Philippines. I have been working with children since I finished college. Being with children in their early years and seeing them grow fruitfully gives me a sense of fulfilment. This feeling motivates me to strive more everyday by improving my craft in order to be a better educator that supports children’s holistic growth.

Ms Dorota, Abu Dhabi Class

Ms Dorota Abu Dhabi Class

Hi, I’m Dorota and I am an Early Years Educator. I’ve lived in Dubai for over 12 years. I have been a mother for 2 years now, and raising my daughter and seeing her develop has brought me an endless amount of joy, and I’m so happy to have a job where I can help other children to develop too. I have a genuine passion for educating children, and I am happy to be part of the Learning Land family.

Ms Nikki, London Class

Ms Nikki London Class

My name is Nikki and I am an Early Years Practitioner. I am from the United Kingdom but have been living in Dubai for the past 15 years. I love being part of the Learning Land Nursery team and really enjoy getting to know all the children in our care. I take pride in my classroom design and endeavor to create a warm, inviting and inspiring environment for the children in my class. It gives me a great sense of pride seeing children grow in confidence and knowledge during their time with us and heading off to big school fully prepared and ready to face the world.

Ms Cristina, Toronto Class

Ms Cristina Toronto Class

My name is Cristina, I am from Spain and I am qualified in the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. I started my teaching career more than 15 years ago in Madrid, both in big schools and nurseries. The feeling of accomplishment seeing my students grow in knowledge, confidence and skills is why I absolutely love teaching! I live in Dubai with my big family: my husband, four children, four cats and a “sausage” dog called Pancho!.

Ms Jenny, Budapest Class

Ms Jenny Budapest Class

Hello, my name is Jennifer Crasto. I have worked in Education for more than 10 years in Dubai with mainstream as well as children with special needs. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology. I hold a Certificate of Merit in Psychology during my studies working with Spastic Society in India. I am a cheerful practitioner with genuine love for children who always strives to create a fun-filled learning environment. It is so rewarding to see them learn, grow and develop. I am proud to be a part of Learning Land Nursery.


Ysabelle Educator

I am Ysabelle and I am an Early Years Educator. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Family Life and Child Development and I have been teaching in Dubai since 2010. I believe that children have the potential to learn and that providing them with enabling environments, unleashes their capability to achieve a holistic development. I believe that children learn better through play; and through imagination and creativity, they become critical thinkers. It is my passion to provide opportunities for them to achieve their full potential, become good members of the society, and be confident to become who they want to be.