Partners in Education

Partnership in Children's Learning & Development

Your child is at the heart of everything we do at Learning Land Nursery in Mirdof. From the very beginning, you’ll experience how effectively we work with you to get to know your child and ease them into nursery life. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that your child has enriched, stimulating days of learning and is ready to attend a primary school, when that time comes.

Your role in your child’s education is essential. Research has proven that when parents and Educators work in partnership during a child’s early years, the collaboration has a positive impact on the child’s learning and development. At Learning Land Nursery we acknowledge and respect you, the parent, as your child’s first educator and we see you as an active partner in your child’s educational journey. We encourage and value your input and participation in nursery life through various activities and events.

Educators play a critical role in a child’s learning and development process. At Learning Land Nursery our qualified, knowledgeable and experienced early childhood Educators have a thorough understanding of children and how they develop and learn. Our Educators will support your child’s natural curiosity through the careful planning of rich, meaningful and age appropriate learning experiences. These experiences are the key to your child’s ongoing educational, physical, social and language development.

The environment also plays a key role in supporting and extending your child’s learning and development. A child friendly, stimulating and rich environment is intentionally created, where your child is encouraged, motivated and supported to explore, investigate, question, achieve and develop a love for learning.

It is of the utmost importance to us to give your child the best beginning. The partnership between you, your child and us will lay a positive foundation for your child’s education, allowing them to embark on a learning journey, as far and as high as they wish.

We look forward to building this partnership with you and your child.