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At Learning Land, we are continuously adding new features to our facilities. We work hard to create the ideal environment for learning, play and most importantly, your child’s safety.

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Bright, spacious classrooms. Each class is named after a cosmopolitan city. Our class names are Dubai, London, Nairobi, Paris, Sydney, Budapest, New York and Tokyo. Here, we display each child’s work. We place an emphasis on creativity. We encourage each child to enjoy creating wonderful little masterpieces whilst developing their mental and physical skills. We believe in the importance of displaying children’s work to appreciate them, build their confidence and show them that their creative efforts are valued. Each classroom has a display board, hanging art and reading corners. Here, the children also learn languages such as Arabic and French. Each class has one teacher and two or more TAs to ensure your child’s security at all times. Our classrooms well-ventilated and undergo regular maintenance. Each classroom is equipped with CCTV coverage.


Indoor play area. Our facilities include an indoor play area with soft flooring, soft and safe toys and bright colours. Here, the children enjoy Music and Movement classes. Mirrored and art-covered walls create a stimulating environment and at almost any time during the day, this gym is buzzing with energy and excitement. Here, we work on developing their coordination, physical movement and other skills that are important for lifelong learning.


Outdoor play area. We encourage outdoor play, messy play and hands on enjoyment. Each class enjoys outdoor play every day. We have extensive shading over the entire playground. In the outdoor area you will find a large sandpit with brightly coloured walls, a mud kitchen and toys and educational equipment . We encourage the children to run around, get messy and learn through play. Sensory play (playing with different textures through touch, sight, smell and sound) develops their brain. We also have a water area, a baby play area with soft equipment and climbing areas with large purpose-built structures. Each area is age-appropriate. There are also basketball hoops, tricycles, toys and obstacle courses. The children love the outdoor area! 


Nurse clinic. Our licensed nurse is available throughout the day at nursery. Our nurse stores information such as allergies and special dietary requirements.  At the first sign of concern, the child is taken to the nurse and parents are called immediately and informed of the situation. The clinic is fully equipped.


Security. We are very particular when it comes to security and your child’s security is our top priority. There is CCTV coverage around the nursery. CCTV locations include our outdoor play area, main reception, nursery entrance and parking area. There is also CCTV is each classroom. We strive to ensure our facilities are safe for your little ones. We carry out regular checks of the premises.