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At Learning Land, we are continuously adding new features to our facilities. We work hard to create the ideal environment for learning, play and most importantly, your child’s safety.

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Sensory Garden
We have a lovely Sensory Garden where we grow different fruits and vegetables so the children can touch, taste and smell as well as learn how the food they eat is grown and even help us to plant them! The Sensory garden has lots of fun sensory opportunities and the children really enjoy their time in the garden. Regular teacher workshops are help to ensure that maximum use is made in the outdoor area.

Baby & Toddler Unit
Our dedicated areas for Babies & Toddlers is designed to accommodate children from 45 days onwards. Specialised staff and age-appropriate activities as well as strict health & safety standards means that our babies and toddlers are in a safe and secure environment in which they can enjoy their time at the nursery. In their classrooms, there are lots of opportunities for the babies to explore their senses and start discovering the world around them.

Bright, spacious classrooms
Our qualified teachers have created classrooms that inspire creativity and imagination. The classrooms have dedicated areas for different areas of development. In the classrooms, children build confidence, work on their motor skills, communication and so much more. Children spend appropriate amount of time indoors and outdoors and have a balanced day with outdoor time, physical development in the gym, language classes, classroom activities and eating and nap times.

Soft Play Area for Babies

Sand Pit and Water Play Area

Main Play Area
Children play in the main play area everyday. From bikes, climbing frames, stepping stones and a range of activities, play in the outdoor area encourages physical development. The activities in this area are constantly changing and we regularly hold “bike-free” days where children can take part in different activities.