The Nursery Environment     

Learning Land Nursery Environment

Over the years, we have gained a reputation as one the best and most trusted nurseries in Mirdif and we continue to make changes around the nursery to keep it stimulating and exciting for the children. 

At Learning Land Nursery, we believe the environment is the 3rd teacher. The nursery environment that we create supports your child’s learning and development. Every element is stimulating. This includes the colour of the walls, the shape of the furniture and the arrangement of simple objects. Our environment is one of discovery, designed to stimulate our child’s brain and encourage creativity. We aim to respond to your child’s sense of wonder and actively promote their development and sense of belonging. We aim to provide the environment that every child deserves.

Our safe and nurturing environment presents exciting experiences for your child. Age-appropriate educational materials are accessible to the children in each classroom, clearly labeled with pictures and words to encourage maximum independence. The indoor environment is purposely planned to promote continual exploration, investigation and discovery. Children are encouraged to question, challenge and learn from every experience, relationship and adventure they encounter.

Our Music & Movement Studio is dedicated to sensory exploration through music and excercise.

At Learning Land Nursery your child’s development continues in our bright, spacious outside areas, created to offer your child endless and varied learning opportunities to explore and to promote their individuality. Being outdoors has a positive impact on a child’s sense of well being and encourages them to develop and use their senses, building their confidence and self-esteem. Our outside play and exploration areas are safe and secure allowing children to be physically active, giving them the freedom to experiment and the confidence to take risks. Our unique Outdoor Atelier and Creative Area provides inspiration for budding Picassos, encouraging expression through paint, clay, colour and textures of all kinds.

We provide your little one with a happy and secure place in which they can grow and achieve. We love to watch children learn, grow and leave our nursery as independent, confident learners.