Fun Activities with your little one

Ideas for outings with children

Visit a zoo, pet shop or aquarium – your little one is bound to be amazed at seeing all these animals in one place. Also, it will help them to learn the names of the animals, the sounds they make and take in some nature.

Go for a drive – drive around your city and show them different landmarks and buildings including things like hospitals and gas stations and talk to them in detail about what happens at each one and who works there.

Visit a craft shop – let them take a look around and be inspired to be creative. Children love to create so maybe you could even let them choose a few things and take them home or to the park so they can make some admirable creations.

Have a picnic in the park – get them used to being outdoors. Ask them to help you in the kitchen while you prepare goodies for the picnic and then play fun games and activities when you are at the park. Let them enjoy the wide space and run around freely, point out the flowers and colours you see and make it a fun family day.

Go on a quest – children love to discover things! The little explorers love a fun challenge so why not try treasure hunt or “I spy” at the park or mall, even at home. Create little missions in their fun times and watch them glow when they accomplish the task!

Take them to a library – this will teach them how to behave in different situations. Why not sit in a corner and read them a fun story or borrow a book and read the story to them elsewhere.

Plant some seeds – try planting a little seed in the garden. Show them pictures of what it will look like and regularly monitor its progress to keep them excited.

Take them to a plant nursery – most children find colours extremely thrilling! Take them to a nursery, show them the colours and let them have a little wander around to take in what they see. Answer any questions they may have and maybe even buy them a little plant of their own to take care of at home or seeds to plant.

By Komal Qaiser